Cryptocurrencies are everywhere these days and it seems that for every possible concept there is an accompanying token. This is evident with so many tokens that have sprung up like DubaiCoin, Shiba, Doge, Safemoon  and even SUSHI. One of the most innovative offerings in the market is called Oduwacoin. This is making history as the first-ever pan-African digital currency.

Recently, it has been garnering a lot of attention among Africans both within Africa and in the diaspora. It promises to offer intrinsic value for holders and to financially empower people of African descent. The key person for this project is Bright Enabulele, who is passionate about helping his community through blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

Filling the Void

According to Bright, this project is a bid to fill an existing market within Africa which has been identified as one of the fastest-growing hubs for cryptocurrency and to make sure that Africans themselves get the most benefit. This will be done through cryptocurrency and blockchain-related education. 

Many people are aware, on a surface level, of what cryptocurrency is about but are unaware of just how liberating it can be and how much financial freedom it can offer. Bright has been working since 2010 to educate people about blockchain and cryptocurrency and he now serves as the co-founder and blockchain strategist at OduwaCoin, leveraging his background in software and business management to create wealth opportunities for people of African descent. “I am here to reset the status quo and let the world know that everything great must not come from outside but also within us,” said Bright.

Many conversations about blockchain education on the continent of Africa are happening now. OduwaCoin will provide a gateway for borderless transactions and change the way money moves through Africa and the rest of the world. The OduwaCoin network specifically helps those who are not yet familiar with the cryptocurrency market and offers them a soft landing. If this gap is bridged, people of African descent can tap into the ever-growing cryptocurrency market that is now worth billions of dollars.

An Emerging Market 

While many of us think of Asia or North America as the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain hubs, the continent of Africa is proven to be a formidable point for the emergence of fintech and blockchain. Nigeria is the second biggest bitcoin market after the US. The continent has a large population under the age of 40 and recent investment rounds in fintech firms show that there is a viable market in Africa.  

Despite all, there is a gross blockchain under-education problem within Africa both among everyday people and the government. A recent decision taken by the Nigerian government about cryptocurrency proves that blockchain and cryptocurrency have quite been misunderstood. 

 OduwaCoin leadership can address some of these issues and better serve this emerging market with blockchain solutions. The coin’s proof-of-stake algorithm is now fully enabled with the latest protocol upgrade called IVIE. There is a fixed market supply of 21 million. Scarcity will create demand. The initiative of Oduwacoin is popularized by its growing community. It was created very much to work for payment settlements and crowdfunding. In a nutshell, Oduwacoin is digital cash and a most viable alternative to Bitcoin for people of African descent.

OduwaCoin, though African innovation, is designed to be fungible with other global digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc…. thus including Africa and people of African descent in the global digital economy. This is why it is called the global equalizer for Africa. The coin has already been listed on multiple exchanges and most of the coin owners are hodling their coins for the future. It is currently trending and seeing a market rally which is interesting considering most major coins are seeing a price decline as of now.

Finally, it is obvious that OduwaCoin is setting the standard for more pan-African blockchain efforts moving forward.