David Diga Hernandez
Photo credit: David Diga Hernandez

The church ministry is growing and evolving as new technologies emerge. This has seen people turn to the digital space to search for Jesus and learn more about him as you can find every information online. New youth ministers are also adopting technology to share the Gospel. One such minister is David Diga Hernandez.

David Diga Hernandez is an evangelist, Christian author, and the founder of Encounter TV. David has written best-selling books including, How to Become a Friend of the Holy Spirit and Pray in the Holy Spirit. He is best known for his unique communication style, teachings that rely heavily on hope, forgiveness, healing, and strong advocacy for truth and freedom of speech.

David Diga Hernandez practices healing the sick and casting out demons; things considered dated or taboo through modern means like social media. But he doesn't shy away from living his truth and sharing the Gospel of God. He uses social media to guide believers into closeness with the Holy Spirit as he shares his testimony. David shares biblical teachings and ways to grow spiritually and rebuild your relationship with God.

David first encountered God when he was 11, an experience he says led him to start looking deeper into church ministry. At 13, he gave his first sermon in front of his church's youth group. His encounter with God is the driving force behind everything he does today, including his YouTube channel, Encounter TV. David wanted a medium to help him share the gospel of Jesus Christ without misinterpretation.

He believes changing the Gospel to fit a particular way of life is a mistake and removes its power. Instead, the church should adopt new methods like social media to share God's message.

David is leveraging social media to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He posts on his Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and his YouTube channel, Encounter TV. He is also fighting for better digital evangelism as he looks into other alternatives.

The church has always been under siege, and with social media, it has only gotten worse. As society drifts further into darkness, people slowly despise the message of the cross, and social media is disrupting this as it brings more light. Social media is a great way for church ministers to reach the crowd, but Christian content creators face discrimination. There is a great deal of censorship, something David is fighting.

"By labeling the gospel as bullying, hate speech, and psychologically damaging, big tech and governments are playing the emotions and minds of the masses. Big tech fights the Gospel because they imagine it's the honorable thing to do. Big government resists God because it wants to be God, to replace God with itself, and with censoring, society will continue to push Jesus out. They are making it harder for believers to express their freedom of worship," says David.

David and his team are looking to build their own network/data center that will help them share the Gospel with others without censorship. They are currently in phase 1 of a 3-phase project in Austin, TX. They are also looking into how they can use Web3.