It is possible to lose 10 pounds in just one week, but it will depend mostly on your body and how you manage your diet. The goal of a diet plan is to achieve weight loss, followed by overall wellness, so it is a given that anybody who seeks strategies on losing ten pounds in seven days will be committed to the program.

But how do you lose that much without going cold turkey on food and not starving? There are several ways to succeed.

Say “no” to fast food, carbs and sugary foods

By cutting out the very ingredients that will cause you to retain weight and your metabolism to slow down, you give your body a better chance of hitting your 10-pound weight loss goal. These types of food are easy to obtain and can be instantly filling, but they will not provide any support to your regimen. Instead, for the week, opt for more lean proteins, fruits and vegetables. Getting rid of carbs also reduces bloating and water weight, so don’t be surprised if you see the scale go down when you weigh the next day.

Reduce water retention

There are types of food and drinks that will help your body flush out water weight. These include black coffee and green tea, which are known diuretics. Dandelion extract, taken as a supplement, also helps. When you are intolerant to certain types of food, avoid them as they can also cause water retention.

Load up on fruits at breakfast

Sugars in many fruits get distributed throughout the body as the day passes, so you won’t need to worry about having an excess. Plus, having a fruit-filled breakfast is a great way to jumpstart your system and rev up your metabolism. In order to feel full for longer, throw in some nuts along with your fruits so you have enough protein to get you going. Protein is important to weight loss because it plays a key role in gaining lean muscle mass and burning fat.

If you must have a snack, go for salads with olive oil.

Don’t give in to dressing cravings as these are the ones that contain the calories you definitely do not want. Minimal ingredients will help you drop those 10 pounds in one week.

End your day with lots of green tea

This will give your body a chance to flush out the toxins and help speed up metabolism. If you feel hungry, drink a cup or two. Or if you must have something for dinner, two hardboiled eggs plus a green salad will be enough.

Overall, it is very possible to lose 10 pounds in just one week — and you don’t have to feel so hungry throughout the process. By eating the right types of food, you can manage to feel sated and full while still shedding the pounds you do not want.

Weight Loss Salad
It is possible to lose 10 lbs in just one week, but it will depend mostly on your body and how you manage your diet. Pictured: A salad with fresh baby gem lettuce, heirloom tomato, toasted walnuts, and miso yaki tofu dressing Getty Images/Guillem Sartorio/AFP