solar panel

Solar Industry Has A Bright Future

All reliable indicators forecast an unprecedented boom in the U.S. solar industry through and most likely beyond 2024.

How Amazon Can Deliver On Its Promise To Reduce Emissions

To reduce its carbon footprint, Amazon will need to do more than leverage its influence with suppliers and carriers, address operational issues and push for more renewable energy options.
Education Tech

Educators Are Down, But Tech Offers A Way Out

From interactive whiteboards to tablet computers, creative software to classroom and behavior management apps to computer-configured seating plans, there’s a bewildering array of tech available to...
oxycodone opioid

Tackling The Opioid Epidemic With New Thinking

The problem causing the opioid crisis, a national emergency, is not simply access to opioid prescriptions, but rather how we as a society view and treat pain.
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Is Making An Impact In Some Sectors

Industries like architecture, engineering and construction are not commonly associated with emerging technologies, but have already incorporated augmented reality into every day processes.
Voter ID

Voter ID Laws Don’t Seem To Suppress Minority Votes

A new study finds that strict voter ID laws do not appear to disproportionately suppress voter turnout among African Americans, Asian Americans or people of mixed races.

Nano-Satellite Communications Are Key To Digital Inclusion

Technological advances in the miniaturization of satellites could bring connectivity to the vast equatorial regions of the world which have benefited less than the developed world from the digital...
NYC Congestion Pricing

The Several Benefits Of Congestion Pricing

New York City became the first city in the United States to implement congestion pricing for vehicles entering the busier parts during business hours.
SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Business Opportunities In Space Exploration

The future of space 2.0 is a bright one, rife with opportunities for both governments and private operators of all sizes to compete and profit, with business as the ultimate winner.