Social Capital: WHAT is it? DO you have it? HOW do you earn it?
Featuring the International Business Times’ Inaugural TOP 10 Social Capital CEOs in America!
The Propelling Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Businesses

A New Era Of Technology Ecosystems

Organizations that are taking a more strategic approach to improving the competitiveness of their business models have already begun to outperform their peers by 6% in revenue growth, says IBM...
US President Joe Biden will hold talks with leaders of Canada and Mexico at a White House summit on November 18, 2021

Biden, The Vaccine Mandate ... And A Lottery

Biden announced in September that he instructed the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop a rule mandating vaccination or weekly testing at companies with 100 or more...
Crypto-mining requires huge amounts of processing power, as is seen at this bitcoin mining data centre in Canada

Crypto Mining Must Go Back To The Future

Crypto mining history shows the way to a better mining future - a cleaner, cheaper and, ultimately, less risky future - by returning to the humble PC, we can unlock a new era of mining.
Is a business plan related to a master budget?

Creating A Spending Plan

Without a spending plan, things slip through the cracks, such as memberships you don’t use and items you forgot you signed up for.