Home Loan Protest

We Can Do Better Than Traditional Bank Loans

Traditional loans are becoming increasingly irrelevant to modern life. Many of the inherent qualities in bank loans work against their recipients, rather than for them.
Fax machine

Why Do People Still Use Fax Machines?

It's 2019. And yet faxing is still often more secure, easier to use and better suited to existing work habits than computer-based messaging.
US China Trade Talks

U.S. Casualties In Trade War With China

Notwithstanding the optics of a healthy U.S. economy, beneath the surface there are many U.S. companies and consumers that have become casualties of the “trade war” with China.
5G Challenges

Reduced Running Costs Will Win The 5G Race

5G is on the horizon, and the ever-increasing buzz around what the next generation of connectivity could offer is heating up, but the high cost associated with widespread roll-out could slow its...
State of the union

What 4 Economists Say About The State Of The Union

With Trump's State of the Union address delayed, four economists give their own assessments of the state of the union, as well as the president’s performance so far.
Big Data Privacy

Data Privacy Should Be Pragmatic, Not Absolute

With momentum building behind the “own your data” camp, it is important to stop and think how realistic this is and not to lose sight of the improvements big data brings to our society.

2018 Farm Bill A Boost For Hemp Industry

The bill makes industrial hemp a federally legal product, and that removes a number of problems that hemp farmers have faced up until now.
Index Funds

What’s An Index Fund?

The index fund revolutionized investing for millions. Its founder died on Jan. 16.
Citizen science

How Crowdsourced Technology Affects Us

Crowdsourced data and citizen science are both having a major positive impact everywhere you look, from making our day-to-day lives easier to improving our personal healthcare.