A trader reads a newspaper on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York

Why Letting The IRS Decide The Future Of News Is A Bad Idea

Now, plenty of nonprofits own for-profit organizations, and the IRS is fine with that. And plenty of nonprofit news organizations exist, having successfully made the argument that they’re...

Brexit And The EU’s Branding Problem

Despite the European Union’s tremendous economic, environmental and social benefits, its leaders have failed to build a belief and sense of belonging for many of its citizens.
Election 2020

Why Are There So Many Candidates For President?

The divisions within parties and the availability of money and media coverage outside of the traditional party network could be the reasons.

Brand Lessons From YouTube In 2019

To build trust in your brand, your product, policies, and even success, metrics should consistently reinforce your mission and values.

Is Technology Transfer A Benefit Or Burden?

What are the benefits and fallbacks of the United States engaging in technology transfer with China? Two professors share their opposing viewpoints.
lab grown diamonds miadonna

Created Diamonds Rekindle The Desire For Diamonds

The created diamond movement has stepped up to respond to several concerns of new consumers - price, reservations about the mining process, or a preference for other luxury product categories.
Measles vaccine

Road To Measles Elimination Is Predictable, But Can Be Rocky

Scientists identified the general pattern of measles infections as a country moves toward eliminating the disease. This roadmap can help public health workers most efficiently fight and end measles.
Dow Jones Industrial Average

Predicting The Next Stock Market ‘Flash Crash’

Thanks to new trading technology, sudden steep falls may become more common. A new program uses the principles of fluid dynamics to try to predict crashes before they happen.
Clean Energy

5 Top Energy Technologies For The 2020s

Despite the misinformation found on social and mainstream media, we have already developed the solutions we need to thrive in our endeavors, in harmony with nature.