Subscription vs Ads: Predictions For Gaming

Choosing a business model in any industry is certainly not straightforward. Analyzing what’s gone before us and learning from others’ successes and failures can give good insights into what we can...

Oil & Gas 4.0: Breaking The Gas Ceiling

The oil and gas industry is entering a new, technologically advanced era defined by digital transformation. In order to meet the myriad challenges of this era, the industry must finally confront...
Bitcoin in Emerging Economies

Bitcoin Is Back Above $10K. Now What?

Bitcoin above $10K was always an expectation by anyone who understands what’s happening in crypto markets right now as well as the true global appeal of BTC.
Big Data Privacy

How Much Is Your Data Worth To Tech Companies?

A proposed bill would force tech companies to tell users how much their data is worth. But how can a single number capture data's power to predict your actions or sway your decisions?
IRS taxes

Refundable Tax Credits Would Help Alleviate Poverty

Tax credit refunds are an effective means of ensuring that Canada's poverty gap, now clearly identified, is addressed for low-income families. So what's taking so long?

5G To Catapult Telecom Operators To Gaming Forefront

Telecoms providers will have to invest heavily in both 5G and fixed broadband architectures to supplement the demand for the internet connections to enable cloud and online gaming.
Indian electric grid

Creating A Secure, Intelligent Electric Grid Network

New monitoring and control devices are changing all aspects of grid planning and operations, creating new network and device requirements for interoperability, cybersecurity, and the management of...
First Nations people

Charting An Economic Path Forward For First Nations

The MMIWG report didn't address the poverty that has had such a devastating effect on First Nations. Encouraging active participation by the Indigenous in the Canadian economy is a win-win for...

US-China Trade War Is Making China Stronger

Pressure from US tariffs on Chinese goods is forcing China to restructure its economy, become more innovative and it is boosting domestic morale.