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Blockchain For Border Control?

Be it the passage of people and goods across international borders, or any other security issues, blockchain should not be treated as a silver bullet.

Why Cloud Connectivity Is Important For IoT

Over the next few years, the internet of things will expand even further, as more devices are connected and available online. The cloud provides ultimate connectivity and collaboration benefits for IoT users.

Disrupting Physical: Who Needs A Store?

Forecasters have prophesied the death of the high street for several years now, and retailers are responding with the mantra: “the high street is not dead; it just needs reinventing”.

Educators Are Down, But Tech Offers A Way Out

From interactive whiteboards to tablet computers, creative software to classroom and behavior management apps to computer-configured seating plans, there’s a bewildering array of tech available to teachers today.


SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Business Opportunities In Space Exploration

The future of space 2.0 is a bright one, rife with opportunities for both governments and private operators of all sizes to compete and profit, with business as the ultimate winner.
Artificial Intelligence

Role Of AI In Modern Workplace Communications

Future unified communications systems could be enhanced with artificial intelligence, opening up the modern workplace up to the possibilities of using automatic identification technologies.
Dogs dressed as a bride and groom take part in a wedding ceremony for pets as part of Valentine's Day celebrations at a shopping mall in Hong Kong

The Pet Dog Industry Is Booming

With over 90 million pet dogs in the United States, the pet industry continues to grow as several pet parents prioritize their companions's health and happiness above their own.
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