Subscription vs Ads: Predictions For Gaming

Choosing a business model in any industry is certainly not straightforward. Analyzing what’s gone before us and learning from others’ successes and failures can give good insights into what we can expect.
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cbd oil

A Call For Science In A Congested CBD World

Companies making CBD oils, tinctures, pills, balms and salves will need to remain competitive and differentiated. But how will they do that, given the lack of clarity in regulation and a confused customer base?

Brexit And The EU’s Branding Problem

Despite the European Union’s tremendous economic, environmental and social benefits, its leaders have failed to build a belief and sense of belonging for many of its citizens.
Big Data

Leaders Cannot Rely On Big Data Alone

Dustin York, Director of Undergraduate and Graduate Communication at Maryville University, says that leaders should look beyond algorithms for decision making.


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