What Proposed Tariffs Mean for American Cars

“Imposing tariffs will increase costs for consumers, lessen consumer choice, lower consumer demand, reduce car and light truck production and sales, lower investment levels, and lead to job losses in the U.S. auto sector,” car makers said.

Top 4 Fitness Trends For 2019

The industry will continue to grow and withstand every economic climate because people seek fitness experts and leaders to help them achieve balance by reaching a healthier physical state.

Nobody Wins A Trade War

While the stated goal behind President Donald Trump imposing additional tariffs on imports from China may be admirable, this trade war is perilous, careless, and ineffective.

Forecast: The Hottest Apps For 2019

Improving our overall quality of life is a major trend propelling our cultural zeitgeist in 2019, and these apps offer novel and original ways to use tech to achieve these goals.

Pet Industry Outlook And Consumer Demands

A number of reasons influence the pet industry’s annual growth, including an increase of pet ownership, the humanization of pets and pet parents demanding premium products and better quality food.

Insuring The Future Of Cryptoassets

In the 10 years since the launch of bitcoin, billions of dollars in digital assets have been lost or rendered inaccessible, often due to the failure of an infrastructure provider such as a custodian or exchange.

Investing In Art Using Blockchain

Fine art auctions generate over $65 billion annually. The majority of the items being bought and sold remain in the hands of private owners, cloistered away from public view.

Cryptocurrencies Are Next Safe Haven Assets

Demand for cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum is continually increasing, fuelled by the escalating dissatisfaction with fiat money and the present banking infrastructures.

Saving Coffee With Blockchain Insurance

Coffee is Latin America’s most important agricultural export, representing one-third of all agricultural trade, but higher temperatures and intensified droughts are making coffee increasingly difficult to grow.


Fix Facebook

Leadership Crisis At Facebook

If Mark Zuckerberg weren’t the visionary founder of Facebook, its board of directors would likely have removed him from at least one of his posts for his leadership stumbles and bumbles.

2019 Will Be The Year Of LTE

As the costs and complexities of rolling out the next generation standard of 5G have crystallised, the telecom industry’s attitude has sobered.
Privacy vs

Privacy vs. Trust On The Internet

Trust on the internet often comes at the expense of privacy, and that is not sustainable for humankind. Cryptography offers a solution to reconcile the two.
Big Data

Predicting The Future Of Analytics

Analytics have become an important part of the decision-making process for many companies in the past few decades, particularly with corporations using data assets as a core competency and point of origin.