Social Capital: WHAT is it? DO you have it? HOW do you earn it? Featuring the International Business Times’ Inaugural TOP 10 Social Capital CEOs in America!

Why State Elections Need Instant Runoffs

Instant runoffs encourage more civil campaigns as candidates seek to appeal to an audience that may not have them as their first choice but would consider them as a second.

New York City Steps Into A 5G Connected Future

The effect that 5G will have on a city like New York is far-reaching. It will help fuel new innovations and create an immersive world of interactive services and experiences, all delivered in real-time.



How The Sims Helped LGBTQPIA+ Inclusivity In Gaming

The Sims offered “freedom” to do anything “without limitations,” and yes, Flores said that it includes having romantic ties – even marriage – to “whomever they wish regardless of gender.”
Johns Hopkins Hospital Continues Cancer Research And Treatment

AI Is Now Revolutionizing Cancer Drug Development

In some industries, such as biotechnology and life sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning are actually being used to "save" lives, laying the groundwork for treatments for patients who aren’t even born yet.
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