Oreo announced on Wednesday that its newest holiday season cookie will be snickerdoodle flavored.

The new limited edition Oreo has a cinnamon flavored creme with green and red sugar crystals blended in between two snickerdoodle flavored cookies, according to its description. The cookie will be available in stores on Oct. 17.

Oreo, which is owned by Chicago-based Mondelez International, got creative with its announcement on TikTok by advertising it as "Not your grandma's snickerdoodle cookie" with a video featuring a man dressed up like a grandmother, while dancing with a pack of the cookies.

The sandwich cookie brand also teased the announcement with a tweet, stating, "Want to know the next OREO Cookie flavor? Read the first word of our last 8 tweets."

The first words of the last eight tweets read: "our next Oreo cookie flavor is snicker doodle."

Oreo was also on top of its holiday cookie flavor for fall also, as it released its Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies in August.

These consist of "two golden wafer cookies filled with a rich pumpkin spice flavored creme," Oreo described in its description and will still be available in stores till the end of fall.

snickerdoodle oreos
snickerdoodle oreos