• "Outriders" has been storing needlessly large crash files in people's computers
  • The files can be found in the AppData/Local/Madness/Saved folder
  • These files are safe to delete and players are encouraged to clear the folder regularly

PC players who have been playing “Outriders” for the past week and a half may have noticed that their C drive space might have gotten more cramped than usual. Apparently, the game has been generating needlessly large crash files, and the rate at which the game crashes hasn’t been doing anyone’s hard drives any favor.

Some players have reported spikes in their hard drive space notifications ever since they started playing “Outriders,” and they’ve found that the crash logs that the game generates takes up an incredibly large portion of their hard drive. YouTuber SkillUp mentioned in his review that he accumulated roughly 20gb worth of crash files while Reddit user u/Toasteroven47 found 23gb worth of unwanted files in his PC.

How To Clear “Outriders” Crash Logs

The game’s crash files can be found in the AppData folder in Windows PCs. To access this folder, press Windows Button + R to open the “Run” prompt then type in “%appdata%” on the text box without the quotation marks. This will open a Windows Explorer window displaying the AppData/Roaming folder.

Return to the main AppData folder then navigate to AppData/Local/Madness/Saved/Crashes folder, where all of the game’s crash logs are stored. Select all of the folder’s contents then delete them all.

People Can Fly and Square Enix have both been busy working on fixing the multitude of bugs and other issues that the game is currently suffering. The “Outriders” Day One patch and the subsequent patch that was released one week after the game’s launch both failed to fix some of the game’s key issues, such as the intense stuttering, frame rate issues and the infamous bug that has been completely wiping players’ inventories.

Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders
Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders Outriders

Counter-measures against the inventory wipe bug have been put in place on the live servers, but they only serve to reduce the bug’s chances of occurring instead of completely fixing it. People Can Fly has been pouring resources into preventing the bug from affecting more players and they are hoping that a recent server-side patch would ultimately fix the problem once and for all.

Should this bug be resolved, the developers can hopefully shift their attention to the game’s other pressing issues.