• The first patch will address various technical and connectivity issues 
  • The patch will go live some time next week
  • The balance changes in the patch notes are currently live

The first patch for People Can Fly’s super-powered looter-shooter “Outriders” has been announced, with a variety of bug fixes, performance improvements and balance changes taking the spotlight.

The game has been plagued with a multitude of issues since launch, including frequent disconnections, random crashing, buggy in-game interactions and a whole laundry list of things that simply don’t work. People Can Fly and their partners at Square Enix have been working on ways to fix the issues and while some bugs are definitely on the chopping block for this patch, other problems are still waiting in line for a proper fix.

Here are some of the more prominent fixes coming with the patch:

  • Cross-play across all platforms will once again be viable after all platforms are updated
  • Proper GPU utilization will be implemented, fixing the stuttering issue on PC’s DX12/11 versions.
  • Matchmaking stability improvements
  • No HUD bug fix
  • Players will no longer get stuck on terrain or fall off the world after using mobility skills like Gravity Leap

The developers indicated that more fixes and improvements will be made in the future but have not detailed which aspects of the game will be touched upon. However, it can be assumed that future patches will continue to iron out bugs and other issues that may be interfering with the gameplay.

These technical fixes and improvements are scheduled to be released next week, but other changes are already implemented in the game, particularly the balance changes regarding character builds and certain activities.

An exploit that rewarded players with multiple legendary items upon completing Hunt, Historian or Bounty activities has been fixed, and players who abused this bug will not be punished. Additionally, a few targets in the Hunt track will now reward less epic-rarity gear when defeated.

The Devastator, Trickster and Pyromancer classes in Outriders
The Devastator, Trickster and Pyromancer classes in Outriders People Can Fly

The Tactical Assault Rifle and Marksman Rifle archetypes have had their critical hit damage multipliers reduced to facilitate the use of sniper rifles.

Lastly, certain class passives for the Trickster, Technomancer and Pyromancer have had their damage bonuses cut in half. Passives that improved damage against targets that are slowed, poisoned or covered in ash have been weakened in the name of build diversity, but changes may soon be introduced again in the future.