• The Devastator is a tanky class that specializes in close-ranged combat
  • The Golem skill is a strong defensive tool that opens up many offensive build options
  • Shotguns and Assault Rifles are great weapons to use early in the game

The Devastator class is designed to be a strong close-ranged tank that uses earth-based powers to magnetize bullets, absorb incoming damage and pummel enemies to the ground. Similar to the Trickster, this class thrives in the middle of a group.

The early pre-Expeditions experience in “Outriders” can be difficult if players attempt to roll through missions at their highest World Tier, and even the Devastator can have trouble staying alive. Unlike Pyromancers that can clear entire rooms in one combo, Devastators will need to take their time.

Here are some tips on what weapons, skills and mods to use when leveling a Devastator in “Outriders.”


The Golem skill is one of the cornerstones of the Devastator class and this skill alone can give immense survivability even under the heaviest of pressure. It grants 65% damage reduction for eight seconds, giving Devastators enough time to regenerate lost HP through combat.

One of the best things about Golem is that it opens up builds to more damage options. Players can focus on finding gear that gives Bonus Firepower or slotting in mods that give the most damage possible. Devastators can forsake survivability mods like Mitigation From Death simply because of Golem.

Gravity Leap and Boulderdash

These are excellent skills that complement Golem and the Devastator’s general playstyle. Both of these abilities serve as gap closers. Gravity Leap is better for covering longer distances while Boulderdash is more ideal for clearing enemies while traversing an area.

Earthquake and Endless Mass

Earthquake deals damage and interrupts enemies that it hits over a wide area. Meanwhile, Endless Mass encases one enemy in stone while pulling all enemies toward the victim. Players who are having trouble with elites and captains can use Earthquake for the additional interrupt skill, while those who want quick mob clearing can opt for Endless Mass to a Gravity Leap or Boulderdash combo.


Shotguns are the ideal weapons for the Devastator class because of how their healing ability works, and their gap closers can effectively negate the shotguns’ low range.

The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders
The legendary Golem's Limb shotgun in Outriders. Outriders

Assault rifles make for good backup weapons for when shotguns run out of ammo thanks to their decent range, fast reload speed and high rate of fire.

Suggested Mods

At least one Golem mod like Golem of Death or Perseverance is recommended so as to capitalize on the ability’s effectiveness. Players can proceed to stack damage mods on weapons and armor to maximize DPS.

Shotguns with the Claymore or Storm Whip mod is great for bursting down targets, while Bleed mods like Bloody Boost and Vein Ripper can boost overall DPS substantially.