• The Statue set allows for strong Firepower builds for Devastators
  • This build is great for dealing single-target damage to elites and bosses
  • The build is slow at clearing groups due to a lack of area-of-effect damage

Weapon builds aren’t typically the first to come to mind among Devastator mains who want to power through high challenge tiers in “Outriders.” The class deals tons of damage with abilities already, and going for a weaker gun-focused build usually results in slower clear times.

However, there is one setup that can allow Devastators to rival even the anomaly bullet builds used by the other classes. For players who want to actually use their guns, here’s a short guide on how to make an effective Firepower Devastator build for “Outriders.”

Legendary Armor, Skills and Mods

At the core of this build is the legendary Statue set that grants 100% extra weapon damage and weapon leech when either Golem or Tremor is active. Wear the Statue helmet, gloves and chest pieces for extra Firepower and Cooldown Reduction, and use any leg and boot pieces that provide the same stats.

The Helmet of the Statue legendary armor piece from Outriders
The Helmet of the Statue legendary armor piece from Outriders Outriders

Essential armor mods include:

  • Golem of Death
  • Perseverance
  • Sharp Eye
  • Bloodlust
  • Rejuvenation

These mods will maximize the uptime on Golem and provide three additional sources of Firepower to further boost weapon damage output. Feel free to squeeze in some defensive mods or mods that boost damage against Elites should the need arise.

Golem and Tremor will allow for maximum uptime on the Statue set’s passive, so keep both of these abilities equipped. For the third skill slot, use either Gravity Leap or Endless Mass; the former is great for mobility while the latter is better for controlling crowds.

Class Tree

The Vanquisher tree provides the best weapon bonuses, and the Altered Charge capstone node can provide an additional 70% bonus weapon damage after using either Endless Mass or Gravity Leap.

Take every node that increases Armor Piercing, Close Range Damage and Assault Weapon Damage. Grab the Champion, Assault Master and Bounty Hunter nodes along the way to Altered Charge.

Recommended Weapons

Burst assault rifles work very well with this build thanks to their high damage output per trigger pull. Mods like Ultimate Storm Whip can significantly increase the single-target damage output of a weapon, while Ultimate Damage Link can serve well as an AoE mod.

Try using Embalmer’s Gaze to gain guaranteed crits after every kill. This stacks very nicely with the Firepower armor mods, letting players melt elite enemies so long as the Firepower buffs are active.