• Earthquake is great for clearing crowds and applying Bleed
  • Impale is best used against elites and bosses
  • Impale recently received a buff to its healing component, which turned it into a potent defensive skill

Devastators have seen a lot of love in the past few patches for “Outriders,” from the general tweaks to their power output to quality-of-life improvements for a number of skills.

With the massive rebalance brought by the “New Horizon” update, players can expect to find some fun new ways to play all four of the game’s classes, and the Devastator is no exception. Here’s a new Earthquake-focused Seismic Shifter build that’s great for climbing the CT ladders in Expeditions mode.

Legendary Gear Set, Skills and Mods

Since Earthquake will be the primary ability for this build, players should equip three pieces of the Seismic Commander set for the powerful built-in Earthquake mods and the set passive that boosts all damage dealt to bleeding targets by 50%.

Take Impale as a secondary skill. This ability can deal massive single-target damage with the Seismic Commander set and the Rivers of Blood mod, making it great against elites and bosses. For the third skill, use either Gravity Leap for mobility or Tremors for sustained healing and damage.

Seismic Commander Legs, Gloves and Footgear are highly recommended for the Tainted Blood, Second Quake, Ground Crush and Asunder mods. For the other two armor pieces, use anything that boosts Anomaly Power and Cooldown Reduction.

As for the rest of the mods, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Extra Quake
  • Blood Shock/Earth’s Legacy
  • Untamed Power
  • Rivers of Blood
  • Impaler
  • Brawl

This setup will allow three Earthquake casts every time the ability goes off of cooldown as well as a strong short-ranged burst of Anomaly damage after every cast due to Untamed Power. Blood Shock will allow every Earthquake cast to apply Bleed on every enemy hit, but for those who want better add-clear, get Earth’s Legacy for extra range instead.

Impaler will allow a second use of Impale against a tough target, potentially bursting them down immediately when used in melee range thanks to the stacking damage buffs from mods. Recent buffs also increased its healing potential, making this a very reliable survivability tool.

Lastly, cap the build off with Brawl. While not entirely necessary, this mod can be extremely useful for killing weak enemies while abilities are on cooldown.

Weapons and Class Tree

Under the Seismic Shifter tree, take the following:

  • Anomaly Bullets
  • Protected by the Anomaly
  • Blood Donation
  • Earth’s Heritage
  • Strong Arm of the Anomaly

Take the nodes that grant Resistance Pierce, Cooldown Reduction and bonus damage to bleeding targets.

For the weapons, Deathshield or Funeral Pyre with Fortress and Shadow Comet is the most ideal choice. However, those who have neither weapon can opt for The Bulwark, which comes with Ultimate Bleeding Bullets.

Any weapon that can apply Bleed and deal burst damage can also be used.

The Bulwark legendary shotgun from Outriders The Bulwark legendary shotgun from Outriders Photo: Outriders