• The Lava Lich set received a significant buff from the "New Horizon" update
  • Eruption can be paired with other Explosive skills for maximum synergy
  • Any weapon with high single-target or crowd-control effects are recommended

With the range of changes implemented for the Pyromancer class in the “New Horizon” patch for “Outriders,” now’s the best time to revisit some old builds and items that might have gotten much stronger than before.

Players who love wielding ash and flame in this brutal third-person looter shooter will be happy to know that the Pyromancer received a lot of love over the months that followed the game’s release. The class received some significant buffs to their abilities and Legendary sets that opened plenty of new build opportunities.

Now that the Expedition timers have been removed, players will be able to create new builds outside of the tried-and-tested Volcanic Rounds path that was extremely popular before. Here’s a new build that revolves around ability spamming and setting everything on fire without sacrificing any viability for high difficulty levels.

Legendary Armor Set and Mods

This build will make full use of the Lava Lich set, which recently got a big buff to its passive. The set now grants 30% cooldown reduction to the Eruption skill instead of 10%.

Every piece of the Lava Lich set comes with mods for either Eruption or F.A.S.E.R. Beam, which gives players some room for customization centered around these two abilities.

A Pyromancer's Heatwave approaching an enemy in Outriders A Pyromancer's Heatwave approaching an enemy in Outriders Photo: People Can Fly

Eruption will be the main ability for this build, and players are free to choose any other ability that they want. Other skills with the Explosive tag are highly recommended for maximum synergy with the class tree and armor stats.

For those who want even more Eruption spam, replace one mod with Pompeii which, when paired with Etna, can grant a total of three Eruption casts before the ability goes on cooldown.

Replace damage mods with those that boost survivability like Blazing Aegis or Emergency Stance.

Class Tree

Pour points down into the Tempest skill tree, and try to get all of the nodes that grant bonuses to Explosive abilities. Nodes that increase weapon damage, Anomaly Power and ability damage take priority unless players find themselves struggling with survivability.

Try to get as much Anomaly Power and Skill Damage from nodes and items to maximize the damage output of Eruption.

Recommended Weapon Mods

Eruption can deal tons of AoE damage, so try to use weapons with mods that can debuff, apply Ash or deal strong single-target damage to compensate.

Good Tier II mods include Claymore, Anomaly Enhancement and Resistance Breaker. For Tier III mods, look for Claymore Torrent, Shadow Comet, Ultimate Ashen Bullets and Wrath of Moloch.

Any weapon should suffice for this build, but bolt-action rifles, assault rifles and machine guns tend to work best.