• Titanium is earned from enemy drops and chest rewards, and by scrapping equipment
  • Buying Titanium from Vendors is the easiest way to get more of the resource
  • Sell items instead of scrapping them once vendors start selling Titanium

Titanium is one of the most valuable resources in “Outriders.” It’s used to level up weapons and armor as well as improve their rarity. Upgrading equipment is essential to any looter shooter, and it’s nice to have the option to improve a piece of gear instead of throwing it away like in other games.

The Titanium costs per level or rarity upgrade is quite substantial, however, especially since this resource isn’t easy to come by in the wild.

For those who want to keep a healthy stock of this resource in their inventory, here’s how to farm Titanium the easy way in “Outriders.”

Sell, Don’t Scrap

Titanium is mostly found as drops from strong enemies or from chests, but dismantling blue-tier weapons and above also gives a fair bit of Titanium. The first instinct many players will have is to scrap all of the junk weapons and armor they come across, but this is actually less efficient.

Once players make enough progress, vendors around towns or in the Camp will actually start selling Titanium for a very generous price. Players will be able to get tens of thousands of Scrap for every batch of gear they sell, and they can use that money to buy Titanium directly from vendors.

To put this into perspective, 60K worth of Scrap is enough to buy approximately 200 Titanium. Selling high-level or high-rarity gear results in even more Scrap, allowing players to buy even more Titanium.

Upgrade Wisely

Players who are going through the story in high World Tiers will have to upgrade their gear to survive, but it should be noted that gear upgrades come very frequently. Players might spend hundreds of Titanium leveling up a Legendary weapon only for it to be overshadowed by a Rare or Epic weapon shortly after.

Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders Grim Marrow, one of the Legendary weapons in Outriders Photo: Outriders

It’s best to spend Titanium later into the game once Expeditions are unlocked unless it is completely necessary. Not only do Expeditions reward large amounts of gear when completed, but players will be at or near max level by the time they reach this stage.

This means that the baseline for weapon drops will be closer to the player’s level, effectively reducing the amount of times players will need to upgrade a piece of equipment and ultimately saving Titanium in the process.