• "Outriders" is now available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series XlS, PS4 and PS5
  • It is the latest game from People Can Fly and Square Enix
  • The game introduces a new difficulty system that gauges players' progress

In "Outriders," the World Tier system serves as an interchangeable difficulty system that players need to manage as they go through the game. In this guide, players can learn how to unlock World Tier and increase level fast. They can also get several pro tips and tricks to make their journey in the game worth their while.

How To Unlock Every World Tier

To unlock more World Tier in "Outriders," players need to complete the lower ones first. For example, to unlock World Tier 2, players need to finish World Tier 1. Players can familiarize themselves with every World Tier in the game based on knowing all the unlockable tiers. 

These are World Tier 1: Story, World Tier 2: Easy, World Tier 3: Normal, World Tier 4: Hard, World Tier 5: Expert, World Tier 6: Master and World Tier 7: Legend.  Other unlockable WTs include World Tier 8: Immortal, World Tier 9: Frantic, World Tier 10: Impossible, World Tier 11: Inferno, World Tier 12: Torment, World Tier 13: Nightmare, World Tier 14: Insanity and World Tier 15: Madness

『OUTRIDERS』ローンチトレーラー Outriders is out now! Photo: Square Enix YouTube Channel

How To Increase Level Fast

One of the fastest ways to increase World Tier level in the game is by World Tier farming. Players can only increase their level by killing as many enemies as they can without dying. For every kill, a certain amount of experience is earned but each death deducts from the total experience earned. 

To build the experience fast, players need to play on their highest rank earned. One of the best ways to farm this is by progressing through the main campaign until the First City quest appears. Without dying, players should kill the massive surge of enemy mobs just before they do the Crossing the River objective. Once done, they can quit into the game's lobby and repeat the process. 

Pro Tips And Tricks

"Outriders" players should take note that lowering their World Tier before facing a boss will make their fight a little easier. Increasing the World Tier just before killing the boss or completing the quest will entitle players with lower-tier rewards.

Another important World Tier pro tip is that players should try farming World Tier at World Level 6 first. Through this, they could advance toward much harder and more challenging difficulty modes while earning lots of gear.