• The Pyromancer is ideal for mid-range combat 
  • Assault rifles, SMGs, LMGs and sniper rifles are all good choices for Pyromancers
  • Mods that synergize with Pyromancer abilities work best

Every class in “Outriders” can use any weapon effectively, but some classes are better at using certain weapons thanks to class-specific bonuses and their respective playstyles.

The weapons themselves can also be tailored to fit specific classes with the help of Weapon Mods. These mods infuse guns with powerful effects that can synergize extremely well with class abilities. The Pyromancer can make great use of weapons that can inflict Burn, Ash or even Freeze thanks to their unique class traits.

Here are some of the best weapons and mod combos for the Pyromancer class in “Outriders.”

Ideal Weapon Choices

The Pyromancer is designed as a mid-ranged fighter with plenty of crowd control and damage-over-time effects. Assault rifles and LMGs come to mind whenever mid-range is mentioned but SMGs can also be good in the hands of a Pyromancer due to class tree bonuses. The Ash Breaker subclass tree also grants a substantial bonus to Sniper Rifles.

Guns that inflict status effects like Burn, Slow, Weakness or Toxic are good choices since Pyromancers can consume these effects with Overheat to gain extra benefits.


The Crematorium mod causes kill shots to make enemies explode, coating nearby enemies with Ash. This is a great mod for the Ash Breaker subclass as it gives easy access to Ash without expending cooldowns.

Crematorium is also a good choice for Pyromancers who are running the Cinders or Extinguisher armor mods.

Perpetuum Mobile with Volcanic Rounds

This setup will most likely get nerfed in a future patch. The Perpetuum Mobile mod replenishes a weapon’s magazine to 100% capacity whenever a kill is scored while below 35% magazine ammo.

A Pyromancer with an LMG in Outriders A Pyromancer with an LMG in Outriders Photo: People Can Fly

This synergizes extremely well with Volcanic Rounds, as the skill wears off whenever the equipped weapon is stowed or reloaded. Perpetuum Mobile removes the need to reload, granting players unlimited Volcanic Rounds as long as the weapon mod is activated.

The Iceberg with Brain Eater

The Iceberg is a legendary weapon that comes with the Winter Blast mod. The mod instantly freezes enemies on a critical hit, making follow-up shots easier. This synergizes well with the Brain Eater mod that restores ammunition whenever a critical hit is scored.

This combo is great for Pyromancers because of Ash abilities like Feed The Flames and Ash Blast. These skills make hitting the first critical hit on a weak point much easier since they root enemies in place, allowing the Iceberg to deal immense amounts of critical damage.