• Chests no longer drop legendary items in "Outriders"
  • Strong enemies like Captains now have a chance to drop legendaries
  • Old demo farming methods still work for the release version

“Outriders’” final release version is finally here, and players can now loot to their hearts’ content. Those who have farmed for good gear during the demo will be happy to know that all of their progress can be carried over to the base game.

Early game gear can only last for so long, however, and even those legendary weapons that dropped in the demo won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the game.

The recent changes to the legendary loot drop sources do mean that farming for these weapons will take longer than before, but those who want to find as many legendaries as they can before they reach the actual endgame can follow this short guide to make every loot run count.

Forget the chests

As of the current version of the game, chests will no longer contain legendary equipment. This change was made to encourage gamers to play the actual fun bits of the game, according to creative director Bartek Kmita on the PS Blog.

The main sources of legendary loot now are strong enemies, bosses and quests.

Side quests now give extra rewards on repeat runs, PCGamersN noted. These missions are great for farming legendaries because they also tend to have at least one elite enemy in them, granting players more chances to get a legendary drop in one run.

Maximize the World Tier

The World Tier in “Outriders” increases the quality of loot that players receive from all sources, so it’s best to raise the World Tier whenever possible. However, keep in mind that this will also boost the difficulty by a fair amount, so starting off in a new World Tier may be a bit rocky.

The Guillotine, one of the many legendary shotguns in Outriders
The Guillotine, one of the many legendary shotguns in Outriders People Can Fly

Upgrading the World Tier also rewards players with a few goodies. Players can claim these rewards directly from the World Tier menu, and they’ll be sent to the player’s inventory immediately. These rewards include various weapons of certain rarities depending on the World Tier level.

The final four tiers each have a guaranteed legendary weapon reward, but most players won’t be able to reach these tiers until the later stages of the game.

Rinse and Repeat

The previous method of farming legendaries in the demo still applies to the full version of the game. Players can find a spot that spawns a rare or elite mob, kill said mob, get killed by other enemies, then repeat until a legendary weapon drops.

It’s a bit tedious, but it’s slightly faster than repeating entire side quests, especially if players are strong enough to power through weak enemies.