• Players can either go full Firepower or Anomaly Power with the Pyromancer
  • Volcanic Rounds with Ashen Bullets is a great Firepower build option
  • An AP build with plenty of Burn effects and the Scrap Grenade mod is a very good alternative

The Expeditions mode in “Outriders” offers some of the game’s toughest challenges that are designed to push the limits of players’ builds and setups. The difficulty spikes even higher on the later Challenge Tiers.

Completing Expeditions solo is naturally difficult due to how outnumbered one player is, but it’s completely possible to do with the right gear and mod setups. The Pyromancer class in particular is great for soloing Expeditions because of their massive AoE and healing potential when fully geared up.

Here are a couple of builds, tips and tricks on how to solo expeditions with the Pyromancer in “Outriders.”

Volcanic Ash Rounds Build

Skills: Volcanic Rounds, Feed The Flames, Heatwave

Weapon: LMG with Ultimate Ashen Bullets and damage mod of choice

Armor Mods:

  • Volcanic Rounds – Extra Mag
  • Heatwave – Burnt-out
  • Feed The Flames – Bullet Absorption, Wide Grip
  • Mitigation From Death or Blazing Aegis
  • Ashen Boost

Class Tree: Ash Breaker

This Firepower build relies on Volcanic Rounds and the Damage vs. Ash bonuses from the Ash Breaker tree as well as Ashen Boost to deal high DPS against targets. Players can maintain Volcanic Rounds indefinitely with careful use of Feed The Flames, and every hit will inflict Ash thanks to the Ultimate Ashen Bullets mod.

Example of an Ash Breaker setup for a Volcanic Rounds build in Outriders Example of an Ash Breaker setup for a Volcanic Rounds build in Outriders Photo: Outriders

Use Heatwave to apply burn and proc the Burnt-out mod then let loose with machine gun fire empowered by Volcanic Rounds and Ash effects. The Acari helmet piece is a good choice to buff Heatwave but is ultimately optional.

Spellcaster Pyro Build

Skills: Thermal Bomb, Heatwave, Ash Blast

Weapon: Rifle with Scrap Grenade

Mandatory Armor: 3pc. Acari Set

Armor Mods:

  • Twice As Hot
  • Heatwave – Fire Tsunami, Ride The Wave, Strength From Fire, Heat Leech
  • Thermal Bomb – Double Fun, Branded, Fire Frenzy

Class Tree: Fire Storm

This build is made by Reddit user chaimer123 and is designed to maximize Anomaly Power to boost Burn damage and Scrap Grenade effectiveness. The build shines best with bonus Anomaly Power, Status Power and Cooldown Reduction stats. The main weapon will be used more for the Scrap Grenade effect than the actual bullets since the grenade scales with Anomaly Power.

Use Thermal Bomb and Heatwave whenever they are available, and use Ash Blast to gain some breathing room when overwhelmed.