• Players will need to interact with three keystones scattered around the map
  • A door near the Wrecked APC waypoint will light up when the keystones are active
  • The chest inside will offer one random piece of legendary gear

Legendary loot in “Outriders” can be farmed in the game’s Expedition mode that can be unlocked after beating the main campaign, but players who are looking for a little bit of extra firepower can get a few legendary weapons even before meeting the final boss.

“Outriders” has a few sources of guaranteed legendary equipment drops like the Hunts, Bounties and certain side quests, but there is one spot in the game that has a legendary item tucked away behind a giant locked door.

This area can only be accessed once enough progress in the story has been made, so expect to reach this at around level 20 or above.

Players need to go to the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk in the game’s desert region. In this area, there are a number of keystones that players can interact with. Interacting with all of them will prompt the “Forgotten Chapel” quest to appear on the quest log.

Locations of the keystones and the locked door in the Canyon area in Outriders
Locations of the keystones and the locked door in the Canyon area in Outriders. Outriders

The first two keystones can be found right outside the camp in the Canyon Entrance portion of the map. Exit the camp and visit the two side paths located on the left and right sides of the following areas and interact with the keystones.

The final keystone will be at the entrance to The Monolith. Clear all of the enemies on the bridge and entrance, then head inside the structure to find the keystone beyond the stairs on the opposite side.

Interacting with all three of the hidden keystones in the map will light up a vault door by the Cliffside Path area. Go inside and interact with the chest to obtain a piece of legendary equipment.

This method is a great way to obtain legendary loot without grinding too much, especially for those who are stuck in certain World Tiers or for those who rushed the main quest. However, keep in mind that the level of the legendary item will scale based off of the current World Tier.

Players who have already reached Expeditions mode without leveling their World Tiers should prepare enough Titanium to upgrade the piece of gear that they will obtain from the chest.