• Square Enix praised "Outriders" for its performance
  • Fans have constantly criticized the game for its technical issues and odd game design choices
  • "Outriders" may receive more content in the future

Square Enix is pleased with the performance of “Outriders” despite the game’s bug-ridden launch and lukewarm player reception. People Can Fly’s third-person sci-fi looter shooter has proven to be a fun and enjoyable game despite its problems, raking in 3.5 million unique players at launch. However, the playerbase itself still has mixed feelings about the game.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, Square Enix has called “Outriders” its “next big franchise,” EuroGamer reported. The publisher saw the large influx of players as a favorable sign that “Outriders” had the potential to be one of its next big hits.

This could mean that more downloadable content or even a full-fledged sequel may become part of the game’s future.

Despite the apparent commercial and statistical success of the game, however, “Outriders” fans remain cautious over the possible upcoming content. Some attribute the 3.5 million player count to the game’s inclusion in the Xbox Game Pass on release day, implying that genuine interest in the game is artificial at best.

A Pyromancer with an LMG in Outriders
A Pyromancer with an LMG in Outriders People Can Fly

Other fans have noted the game’s many questionable design choices. Some players were not impressed with the game’s one-note story campaign that featured bland boss fights, artificial difficulty and no variety in combat encounters. The overabundance of cutscenes that riddled every little minor transition such as opening doors or jumping over gaps was also criticized.

Additionally, “Outriders” was plagued with bugs during its first month, including the infamous inventory-wiping bug that ruined the experience for many players. The game’s reliance on a stable internet connection also turned off many potential players who preferred to play single-player games without having to go online.

Neither Square Enix nor People Can Fly have issued any statements regarding the game’s reception or if they plan to rework some of the game’s elements to alleviate player pain points. However, it would be safe to assume that Square will plan additional “Outriders” content for the fans who have stuck with the game since the beginning.

The developers have been very transparent with their handling of the game’s major problems, and “Outriders” is currently in a stable state with just a few bugs compared to when it was first released. A few balance passes have also improved the game’s overall playability, toning down its difficulty by eliminating frustrating enemy mechanics.