• "Monster Hunter Rise" is the sixth installment of the long-running franchise
  • The game is available on Nintendo Switch
  • "Monster Hunter Rise" has already shipped over 4 million copies

The Dual Blades is one of the 14 weapons available in "Monster Hunter Rise." In this guide, hack and slash playstyle, gamers could learn how to bring out the best in this close-range weapon. 

What Is Dual Blades?

Veteran players of the "Monster Hunter" series are well aware of the capabilities of Dual Blades. It is also sometimes referred to as the anime weapon because of its flashy attacks and its infamous Demon mode. It also has a variety of attack commands that when efficiently combined could create a plethora of serious attack patterns. 

Dual Blades Controls And Combos

There are four basic commands that "Monster Hunter Rise" players could use. To execute Double Slash, players can press X, press A for Lunging Strike. Meanwhile, players can press X+A for the Demon Mode Blade Dance and ZR to cancel to activate the Demon Mode. 

Monster Hunter Rise - Launch Trailer | Nintendo Switch Hunt a magnitude of mythical monsters, master all-new hunting techniques and save Kamura Village from the impending Rampage! Photo: Official Capcom Europe YouTube Channel

To execute Double Slash Return Stroke players should use X + X while using X + X + X activates Circle Slash. Meanwhile, to perform Round Slash, players should use A + A. To activate the Dual Blades Silkbind Attack: Piercing Bind players should use ZL + X. While using ZL + A triggers the Silkbind Attack: Shrouded Vault.

Demon Blade Controls And Commands

It is also important that players take note of various combos to execute Dual Blades Demon Mode. Use X > X > X for Basic Combo and X > X > X > X+A for the Demon Mode Combo. Players could also use A > A > X > A for Stationary Combo and X+A > X+A > X+A for the Archdemon Mode Combo. 

To execute Demon Fangs, players should use X, while X + X activates  Twofold Demon Slash and X + X + X triggers Sixfold Demon Slash. Pressing A activates Demon Flurry Rush. Meanwhile, to execute the Midair Spinning Blade Dance, players must press A while on Demon Mode and in the air or on a ledge. 

Demon Mode enhances and alters attacks, evasion and movements. The only drawback of this Dual Blades mode is that it consumes stamina during the entire duration that the mode is being used. "Monster Hunter Rise" players can use certain items to mitigate this effect.