• The Concussioner set stores damage taken and releases it all in the Devastator's next melee attack
  • The build offers high survivability and good AoE burst damage
  • It is relatively weak in one-on-one situations

The Devastator in “Outriders” received a new melee-oriented set that opens up new build possibilities that revolve around sticking close to enemies and pummeling them with pure ability damage.

Here’s one build that makes use of the newly added mods and armor pieces from the “Worldslayer” expansion.

Armor, Skills and Mods

The Concussioner set bonus stores a percentage of damage taken and releases all of it when using the class melee ability, sending a damaging shockwave around the point of impact.

It's important to note that Melee attacks count as skill damage, which means they’re affected by Anomaly Power and other mods that boost abilities. Use the following mod setup to maximize damage and survivability:

  • Rockfall
  • Auto Reflect
  • Force Feedback/Equator
  • Despair
  • Golem Squad/Perseverance
  • Tainted Blood
  • Concussive Force
  • Perseverance Fists
  • Chip Off The Old Block
  • Brawl

Keep in mind that the Concussioner set bonus only charges when the player takes damage. Blocking damage with Shields or Reflect Bullets without the Auto Reflect mod will not contribute to the damage charge.

Take Golem, Reflect Bullets and Gravity Leap. The latter provides excellent mobility as well as a strong Anomaly Damage buff when Despair is slotted in.

The Concussioner's helmet from the Outriders Worldslayer expansion
The Concussioner's helmet from the Outriders Worldslayer expansion Outriders

Class Tree

Here, players will want to use a mix of the Seismic Shifter and Warden trees. Take the following major nodes:

  • Strong Arm of the Law
  • Paladin
  • Mighty Tank

For the Pax tree, go down the Wrecker tree and take the Overwhelming Force node for more damage while Golem and Reflect Bullets are active. The Strange Surgeon node will also reduce the cooldown of said skills every time a bleeding enemy is killed.


A Deathshield with the Fortress and Lock and Load mods is great for this build. The former will passively increase armor and damage, while the latter will cause the weapon to shoot a short-ranged Anomaly blast after using a melee attack.