• The Seismic Commander set increases the damage dealt to all bleeding enemies
  • The Multistrike and Upheaval skills greatly increase the damage of Earthquake
  • Other multipliers from mods and effects stack with the rest of the damage buffs

“Outriders’” first expansion, “Worldslayer,” has made the Devastator’s most powerful build even stronger thanks to the addition of new class-specific armor pieces and mods.

With the new systems added in the expansion pack, this devastating build has become even more powerful due to the number of possible multipliers players can apply to it. Here’s how to set the build up.

Armor, Skills and Mods

This Anomaly Power build relies on Earthquake as its primary source of damage. As such, players will want to stack as many Earthquake mods on their armor pieces in order to reach the skill’s max potential.

Here’s a sample list of mods for any armor combination with the Seismic Commander set:

  • Extra Quake
  • Blood Shock (replace if possible)
  • Force Feedback
  • Despair
  • Tainted Blood
  • Earth’s Legacy
  • Asunder
  • Ground Crush
  • Second Quake
  • Bloody Boost

This setup makes use of the Concussioner’s Chestplate for the Force Feedback mod, which is optional but still nice to have. The Despair mod, on the other hand, is essential to reaching absurd damage numbers with this build.

Despair will double the amount of Anomaly damage received by targets hit with Gravity Leap. When combined with Bleed boosters and the Upheaval and Multistrike nodes from the Pax tree, Earthquake can delete an entire room full of elites in three casts.

The rest of the mods serve to buff Earthquake even more with the usual array of benefits.

Class Tree

Take points in the Seismic Shifter tree and make sure to take Paladin for the AP buff after casting Reflect Bullets. Then, take Blood Donation for extra survivability.

As mentioned, take the Upheaval and Multistrike nodes from the Pax tree to stack damage multipliers.


Weapons with strong on-hit effects like Ultimate Storm Whip, Shadow Comet and Claymore Torrent are recommended for this build. These will only serve as filler damage for when abilities are on cooldown and the player isn’t taking fire.

Fortress and Mage’s Rage can work with this build, but keep in mind that strong burst mods are also affected by Upheaval, essentially causing them to deal 10% more damage each. Playing around with this effect is often better than having to proc either Fortress or Mage’s Rage.

The Seismic Shifter skill tree for Earthquake builds in Outriders
The Seismic Shifter skill tree for Earthquake builds in Outriders Outriders