Blizzard Entertainment Vice President and “Overwatch” game director Jeff Kaplan has finally addressed fans who have been constantly asking if a map editor is in the works for the team-based multiplayer first-person shooter.

On Monday, Kaplan finally broke his silence and responded to a thread that has been sitting on Blizzard’s online forums since 10 days ago. The thread basically contained queries from fans who were asking about a map editor that would enable everyone to create custom maps just like in the other games made by Blizzard.

In Kaplan’s response, he indicated that they are “extremely open-minded” about the idea of releasing a map editor, but this will unlikely arrive soon. According to Kaplan, fans can expect the feature to be released “someday” knowing that “Overwatch” is running on a brand new engine and creating a map editor for it involves a lot of things. Nonetheless, he assured fans that this is part of their long-term road map since they “believe heavily in user-made content.”

After voicing his thoughts about the highly requested map editor, Kaplan received a lot of responses from gamers who avidly play “Overwatch.” One player with the handle EMc73 responded: “I’m glad to know this is on your radar. Whilst I’m not a fan of user created content myself, I know that it often greatly boosts the longevity of the games it is in.” Another fan with the handle LOLdragon wrote: “This game’s development continues to amaze me.”

When another player asked Kaplan if there is any news on the feature that would allow players to save the game or highlights without the need of external programs, the game director said, “Yes. This will be live before the end of summer. It’s being worked on right now.”

Kaplan’s statements on Blizzard’s online forums come in the wake of the release of the big Orisa Patch 1.9. This new update introduces the third new hero, Orisa, and brings a couple of changes to Assault Maps in Competitive Play and a minor Lucio rework.