Orisa, the best omnic you could ask for Blizzard

The release time for Overwatch hero number 24, Orisa, is in just a few days, part of a cross-platform server update that could also bring changes to Ana and Lucio.

The server update for Overwatch will roll out across all platforms at 10 a.m. EST, which should introduce Orisa’s files into your game. Try to get your computer up and running in the morning to download the massive Orisa patch early, so that when she is officially live you can jump straight into a game.

I couldn’t be more hyped about this robotic quadruped, who comes equipped with a gattling gun, immunity to crowd control and an ultimate that buffs the damage of your entire team. Blizzard has announced Orisa will come on March 21, but the exact time hasn’t been confirmed.

We predict Orisa will be released on March 21 at 2 or 3 p.m. EST. This time hasn’t been confirmed, but that’s usually when Blizzard launches patches on Tuesday.

Orisa won’t be coming to Overwatch alone, her update is bringing some powerful changes from the PTR. Nerfs to Ana, changes to Assault Maps in Competitive Play and maybe even a minor Lucio rework, should be going live. It’s impossible to predict what’s going to make it off the PTR, but since broken Bastion made it out of the “testing realm” I doubt anything is going to be held back.

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I had a dream last night I was on King’s Row, riding Orisa and shooting barriers and mini Zarya ultimates wherever I went. I think I have to stop playing Overwatch , it’s starting to alter my subconscious.

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