• The Mac Pro's optional wheels kit costs $699 as a standalone upgrade
  • Third-party company OWC is offering a cheaper alternative to the Mac Pro's wheels kit
  • The OWC Rover Pro cost less than half at $249 and will be shipped starting September

A third-party company is selling a cheaper alternative to the pricey Mac Pro wheels kit.

Apple's Mac Pro caught the attention of many tech enthusiasts when it was released late last year. It was powerful, expensive and can be maxed out to feature the best specs that any computer can have today. If there's one thing that elicited a lot of responses, however, it has to be the amount one has to pay to buy a set of wheels for the Mac Pro, The Verge reported.

Those who add the wheels to the initial Mac Pro purchase will need to pay $400 for all four wheels, while those who are buying them as standalone products will need to pay $699.

Thankfully, third-party accessory maker OWC, a trusted brand when it comes to Apple accessories, is releasing a cheaper alternative to the Mac Pro wheels. Dubbed the OWC Rover Pro, these wheels cost less than half at $249 and will not require a lot of skill to use.

As per OWC's website, the Rover Pro is a set of wheels that are attached to the Mac Pro's existing feet. They can be installed in two minutes tops and will not require a set of tools to install. All users need to do is to put the Mac Pro's feet into the Rover Pro's housings and attach the lower part (where the wheel is) by screwing it in using a hand.

Rover Pro
OWC's Rover Pro for Mac Pro is easy to install/uninstall. OWC

The Rover Pro's articulating wheels can turn a full 360 degrees, allowing users to move their Mac Pro to any direction they please. The wheels themselves made of soft rubber and can move smoothly and without making unnecessary noise.

Those who are worried about the Mac Pro rolling away at the slightest slope can use the wheel stops that come with the kit. Those who need to move the Mac Pro around can remove the stops and clip them to the factory feet so they won't be misplaced.

OWC is now accepting preorders for the Rover Pro, which will be shipped in September this year. The company is selling the accessory for a low introductory price of $199. This price will increase to $249 after some time.