Having started out as a Steam game, “Fearless Fantasy” is now available for iOS devices. Developed by Enter Skies and published by tinyBuild, the game is a parody of other role-playing games, usually making fun of various RPG conventions, but it has also been received well by fans of the genre. Now, those who weren’t able to play the game on their computers will be able to do so on their iPads or iPhones.

According to Siliconera, players will control Leon, the game’s protagonist and a bounty hunter. During one of his travels, he stumbles upon a princess who is trying to get away avoid her marriage to the game’s villain. High jinks ensue.

While a parody RPG is hardly new, “Fearless Fantasy” does have a couple of things that let it stand out from the crowd, most notably, the game’s gesture-based combat system. The system will have players swiping and tapping in specific motions, whether it is to deal extra damage to the enemy or protect the player’s characters from an enemy’s powerful attacks.

Many felt that the game’s gesture-based combat system made it a perfect fit for mobile devices and has been compared to the fan favorite “Mario and Luigi” RPGs. This could be considered a good thing, as the “Mario and Luigi” games have been praised by plenty of fans of the RPG genre.

According to Load the Game, “Fearless Fantasy” also has an absurd world that many fans will either love or hate. The characters are very reminiscent of a Tim Burton film, as the enemies are varied and filled with plenty of personality. Adding even more personality to the game’s characters is the voice acting, which has been praised by many fans for being funny.

Players interested in “Fearless Fantasy” can download the game right now for $3.99 in the App Store and $6.99 in Steam. Also, for a limited time only, players who purchase “Fearless Fantasy” on the App Store can receive a free Steam game from tinyBuild by submitting a screenshot of the game’s installed app icon to the tinyBuild Facebook and get their free game.

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Fearless Fantasy Trailer, Out Now On iOS (Credit: YouTube/tinyBuildGames)