PETA targets Tyson
Mike Tyson has been singled out for his treatment of pigeons Reuters

This story is for the birds.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are so adamant about pigeons' rights that they demonstrated outside the home of Mike Tyson in Henderson, Nevada, after his reality show aired on Animal Planet.

On Taking on Tyson, which aired on Sunday night, the former heavyweight champion professes his interest in pigeon racing.

Though PETA thinks the action of racing pigeons is cruel, The American Racing Pigeon Union disagrees.

Pigeon racers spend a lot of money giving their birds special diets to maintain health, including minerals in their water and ground-up oyster shells to help their digestion, said Karen Clifton, the executive director.

Taking on Tyson follows Tyson as he attempts to race pigeons in the New York City area.