Crowded prisons are not merely a Third World phenomenon as a recent U.S Court ruling cited California prisons for violating the U.S. constitution by packing too many prisoners into already overcrowded cells.

California spends over $10 billion a year jailing and taking care of prisoners. Furthermore, for every prisoner incarcerated, they had to be pursued and arrested by police officers and tried in courts. All these things cost money.

AllHeadlineNews reported that California's 33 adult prisons hold about 143,435 inmates. California's penitentiary facilities such as the Corcoran State Prison in San Joaquin Valley, the Mule Creek State Prison and the Deuel Vocational Institution hold 150 to 200 percent above their original capacity.

Supreme Court ruling requires California State to move more than 33,000 inmates.

Scenes of overcrowded prison with inmates still waiting for a trail are common sightings in South American and Asian prisons. Violence, riots and murders plague these cells.

Here is a slideshow on scenes of apathy from some of the most overcrowded prisons in the world: