Social media site Pinterest announced Thursday that it would ban content related to weight loss or what could encourage unhealthy or disordered eating habits.

The ban includes “ad policies to prohibit all ads with weight loss language and imagery," according to a press release.

The statement cited data from the National Eating Disorders Association that "there's been a steep rise in unhealthy eating habits and eating disorders in young people since the Covid-19 pandemic started last year.”

The announcement on Pinterest's website reads:

Our updated policy will now prohibit:

Any weight loss language or imagery;

Any testimonials regarding weight loss or weight loss products;

Any language or imagery that idealizes or denigrates certain body types;

Referencing Body Mass Index (BMI) or similar indexes; and

Any products that claim weight loss through something worn or applied to the skin

This is in addition to ad content that is already barred from Pinterest, including:

Weight loss or appetite suppressant pills, supplements, or other products;

Before-and-after weight-loss imagery;

Weight loss procedures like liposuction or fat burning;

Body shaming, such as imagery or language that mocks or discredits certain body types or appearances; and

Claims regarding unrealistic cosmetic results

Posts previously encouraged a weight loss lifestyle that included tips or pictures under hashtags known as "thinspiration," "thinspo" or "pro-anorexia."

The site had since banned material specifically tied to pro-eating disorders, but such posts have reportedly not been completely removed.