The gaming industry is anticipating the arrival of the next generation gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony, which are the Xbox 2 and the PlayStation 5. Both gaming consoles are expected to release sometime in the holiday of 2020. There are key areas where these two vary, but according to a reputable news editor, both share the same specs, and both sound very powerful.

Jason Schreier, the news editor at Kotaku, recently shared some light on how Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox 2 match up with each other. Rumors suggest that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 2 have the same specs, and they both sound very powerful, Schreier said. While Microsoft seemed to be behind Sony when it comes to communication, it might no longer be the case with the Xbox 2, the news editor revealed.

PlayStation vs. Xbox
While Xbox 2 and PlayStation 5 differ in a lot of things, they reportedly both have this in common. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn

Sony’s PlayStation 5 will attempt to be as accessible as possible; thus, it will get rid of loading times in the process, noted the Kotaku editor. At this point, we could not confirm if Microsoft will use its specs to go in the same direction as Sony, but it is interesting to note that both share the same specs. High profile video games were already announced for the next generation gaming consoles.

It has already been confirmed that “Halo: Infinite” will be released on Xbox 2 at launch while PlayStation 5 also has its own list of exclusives such as “The Last of Us 2” to lure players into purchasing Sony’s next-generation gaming console. Players are looking forward that both gaming consoles will offer a long list of exclusives to reward their purchase, and it would be interesting to see how much of a factor these titles have in the console war.

There are lots of facts about the hardware engineering surfacing online about the Xbox 2 and the PlayStation 5. But, whether their specs and features lead to sales or destroy the brands remains to be seen. The current generation gaming consoles were focused on exclusives, and both consoles are now promising strong offerings.

What is important about the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 2 is that both are powerful enough to play gamers’ much-awaited games.