Playing "Pokemon Go" remains a fad for most with augmented reality players either trying to level up or hunting down the elusive pocket monsters. There are also events that some are into and the new brainchild of Niantic called Legendary Lunch Hour seems pretty interesting to check out.

"Pokemon Go" Legendary Lunch Hour will kick off on March 13 between 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. in any time zone. As one can see, the name practically speaks for itself and means that students or even workers can play the game with some perks during this period, Game Rant reported.

During this period, there will be an increased number of raids, giving "Pokemon Go" players to chance some Legendary Pokemon. This move is more of an experiment, meaning that Niantic has nothing more planned beyond the first Legendary Lunch Hour for now.

However, if the Legendary Lunch Hour on "Pokemon Go" turns out to be a hit, Niantic says that they may do it routinely and hold the event every week - perhaps as early as Mar. 20. While it seems like a fair shake, there are some who may be wondering why Niantic resorted to experimenting an event and during lunch breaks.

A potential reason why Niantic chose lunch is that this is the lean hours where gamers log on to "Pokemon Go". The volume of players logging on could increase on the limited timed event but the seeing that remains in succeeding weeks is suspect. However, it could all depend on what Legendary Pokemon is up for grab.

Also, it may be worth noting that for a "Pokemon Go" player to join these events, they would need raid passes. Niantic is not offering free raid passes, meaning augmented reality players who plan to take up the offer will need to shell out some cash.

Pokemon Go
Niantic is experimenting Legendary Lunch Hour to see if "Pokemon Go" players will bite. People play Pokemon Go on their smartphones as Pokemon Go craze hits Argentina on August 03, 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Getty Images/Gabriel Rossi/LatinContent

In all, it depends on how addicted and determine a "Pokemon Go" player is when it comes to capturing these Legendary Pokemon. Not all who are still playing the hit augmented reality game have the time to join raids and events, and the Legendary Lunch Hour offers a new window of opportunity, Forbes reported, even if it may mean sacrificing breaks or lunch.