“Pokémon Sun and Moon” fans rejoice! A leaked gameplay footage of the upcoming 3DS-exclusive RPGs is giving everyone a tip on how to make easy money when exploring or gallivanting the Alola Region.

Japanese magazine V Jump leaked the gameplay footage via GameXplain early Monday, and it is nothing short of rewarding (sort of), knowing that there is actually a means of earning money that’s as easy as tossing a Pokémon into the ocean.

Though it isn’t clear what is actually happening in the clip because the texts are in Japanese, Siliconera has learned that there is this part-time job players can do that requires them to toss the Pyukumuku they can find along the shoreline into the ocean in exchange for money.

The site noted that this part-time job was made out of pity for Pyukumuku because the sea cucumber-like Pokémon tends to remain on the spot it likes for a very long time that it could just stay there even when that spot is void of food and it will end up starving and weak. Hence, tossing Pyukumuku into the ocean is doing it more of a favor. Besides, in the video clip, the player is seen tossing six Pyukumuku and the player is rewarded with 20,000 Pokédollars.

Pyukumuku is one of the Alola Region-specific Pokémon introduced within this month. It was first leaked by Japanese magazine CoroCoro, but at the time, it was only known by its Japanese name “Namakobushi,” according to Heavy.

On the official “Pokémon Sun and Moon” website, Pyukumuku is identified as a Water-type Pokémon that is unfortunately considered unappealing by tourists due to its appearance. The sea cucumber-like Pokémon’s body is described as having a covering of a slippery and viscous fluid that helps in moisturizing the pocket monster. The people of Alola also use Pyukumuku’s viscous fluid for skincare.

“Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon” are slated for a Nov. 18 release in Japan and North America. Game Freak and The Pokémon Company’s upcoming video games are also scheduled to arrive in Europe on Nov. 23.