There has been some speculation about what Porsche will launch next now that the all-electric Taycan has been unveiled. Rumors have circulated that the automaker will show up with an electrified Boxster and Cayman that are reportedly set to launch around 2023.

New details on the two EVs include a 400-horsepower powertrain system driven by dual electric motors, Car Magazine reported. The Boxster and Cayman will also reportedly be available with rear- or all-wheel drive as well as a hybrid option that will coexist with the fully-electric versions.

The two electric vehicles are also thought to be the first recipients of the Sports Car Platform Electric (SPE) modular electric vehicle platform , as Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said in March that a dedicated EV platform would be necessary for the Boxster and Cayman, Motor Authority reported.

This is not the first electrified Boxster model for Porsche as the company launched the Boxster E in 2011 as a research vehicle that developed 240 horsepower and had a 29-kWh battery pack, the news outlet said.