• Arsenal and Manchester United eye Jonathan David
  • Arsenal is plausible landing spot over Manchester United
  • Gent is reportedly not interested in dealing David

Manchester United and Arsenal FC are looking for more young blood to fill up holes, and Jonathan David of K.A.A. Gent has been singled out as a common target. However, getting the 20-year-old from the Buffalos will not be that easy. For one, Gent is not too keen on dealing the American forward, but a lucrative pitch could change their mind.

Based on reports Gent will not deal off David cheap. They are reportedly seeking a fee of no less than $21.95 million for the 20-year-old forward. With two teams deeply interested, offering something a bit more than the asking price could raise their chances.

The Gunners have already touched base with David, a move seen as insurance in the event some key players would depart Emirates Stadium. Two names come to mind -- Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette. Aubameyang remains a key piece for Arteta, and the 38-year-old coach plans to sit down soon with the Gabon national. But as mentioned in a previous post, there is still no assurance that Aubameyang will remain with Arsenal.

As for Lacazette, most see him as likely to be leaving this summer. He has fallen out of the rotation of Arteta, with Eddie Nketiah taking his place. The 29-year-old French national may end up being part of a deal that the Gunners may pull. This is concerning Atletico Madrid's Thomas Partey.

As for United, the interest in David may not be as high. After securing the services of Odion Ighalo, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hinted that they are done trying to pull off some big moves. It is believed that they are saving up money for bigger deals this summer. At the top of the list is Jadon Sancho, who will need a hefty investment to acquire. Borussia Dortmund is reportedly asking a whopping $150 million to release the English winger.

Hence, it hardly makes sense for United to pursue David unless Solskjaer has other plans in mind. Aside from Ighalo, Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba are returning to action. If United is inquiring about David, it could be a backup plan in case some key players leave after this season. Pogba has been linked to a possible move out of Old Trafford with teams like Real Madrid interested.

Jonathan David of KAA Gent
Jonathan David of KAA Gent Getty Images | TF-Images