playstation 4
Sony's PS4 has sold 10 million units. Courtesy/Sony

Sony (NYSE:SNE) remains in the eighth-generation console lead with a staggering 10 million units sold. During video game fair gamescom in Germany, the Japanese multimedia conglomerate announced it reached the impressive milestone nine months after the console's Nov. 15 launch.

In July, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison revealed Sony had sold 9 million consoles.

"Hats off to Sony, they've had a great start. They have been in more countries and -- to date, at least -- at a lower price. We have announced a new Xbox One at a lower price. We go to 29 new countries starting in September,” Harrison told Edge magazine.

By April, Sony had moved 7 million PS4 units and the Xbox One was at 5 million units shipped to retail stores like Best Buy and GameStop.

By early March, the PS4 had sold 6 million units globally, a company press release said. This also accounted for the 370,000 consoles sold in Japan since the Japanese launch Feb. 22. As of Feb. 8, 5.3 million PS4s had reached consumers. The console was available in 57 countries.

Sony President and Group CEO Andrew House said 4.2 million PlayStation 4s had been sold worldwide as of Dec. 28. House made the announcement in early January during the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. The Japanese electronics brand added the PS4 was their most successful console launch of all time.

The PlayStation 4, which launched in North America Nov. 15, reportedly sold 1 million units within the first 24 hours of launch. This led to 2.1 million consoles sold internationally as of early December in 2013. One week later, the PS4’s next-gen competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One, launched in 13 countries Nov. 22.

Sony's PlayStation 4 continues to outsell Microsoft's device by a substantial amount, even though Microsoft launched a cheaper Xbox One June 9 that came without a Kinect.