Xbox One outsells the PS4 on Black Friday. Courtesy/Microsoft

Two next-gen consoles launched within a week of one another. You know what that means -- WAR.

Since the launch of the PS4 on Nov. 15 and the Xbox One on Nov. 22, Microsoft and Sony fans have been battling it out over which console will outsell the other, which has a better gaming library, and which will ultimately prevail as the superior system. As the rivalry amongst gamers becomes more heated, we have to ask -- does it really matter? Both systems are great. Both offer different features. Both have different game franchises. Both are fun and simple to play. It will be months before we can truly evaluate which system flew off the shelves faster or which system is in more demand.

Of course, marketing and advertising firms love this kind of rivalry, since any type of press can lead to higher sales for their clients. Perhaps each brand is purposefully pitted against the other, hoping that hardcore fans will participate in the battle of the next-gens consoles.

As the Black Friday excitement drew to a close, InfoScout, a leading resource provider of real world analytics, reported that Microsoft’s Xbox One had outsold the PS4. InfoScout also claimed that Xbox 360 sales surpassed PS3 sales. The data was drawn from approximately 83,000 shopping receipts that collectively showed that Microsoft was responsible for 61 percent of the shopping holiday’s console sales. The receipts were compiled at superstores Target and Walmart, where the Xbox One accounted for 31 percent of home console sales -- and the Xbox 360 made up 30 percent share of all system sales. Microsoft was responsible for 61 percent of home console sales on Black Friday.

InfoScout also reported that the PS4 and PS3 were responsible for 15 percent of consoles sales at both Target and Wal-Mart, while Nintendo’s Wii U accounted for 6 percent of console sales. The Wii U launched last year.