“Driveclub” is slated for a new update in December. Game Director Paul Rustchynsky has already confirmed this, stating that it will bring tire deformation with the update.

This is not the only new thing that will come to “Driveclub.” Sometime in 2016, the game will be getting more tracks, as assured by Rustchynsky. The developer has not provided any more details than the teasers, but it does prove that Evolution Studios will keep on supporting the game even in the meantime. According to PlayStation Universe, this is a logical move considering how there appears to be no other plans for creating successor to “Driveclub.”

Further evidence of the developer’s support for the game flood in via Twitter, as Rustchynsky also stated that the team is still looking at what the PS4 can do in light of “Driveclub.”

Spotted by DualShockers, a fan has asked the developer if the PS4 is already at its limit in terms of what “Driveclub” can do. In response, Rustchynsky has also hinted that there is still a lot more than can be done. In addition, once November’s update has been released, the developer is planning to talk about the other content update that will be coming in the near future for “Driveclub.”

“There is still plenty we can do. We’ve learned a lot about the hardware since launch,” said Rustchynksy via Twitter.

As a sample of what will come with the newest update, the game director teased an image of the self-shadowing materials in Twitter. For now, “Driveclub” fans can keep themselves busy with the new “Driveclub” Bikes.

The bikes for “Driveclub” came in a standalone expansion in late October. It introduced 12 of the superbikes in the world, including those from top brands like Ducati, Yamaha, BMW, Honda, Kawasaki and more. According to PlayStation Blog, it also introduced the Full Bikes Tour campaign, which has a new game mode and events that will help players train and challenge themselves in the superbike arena.

There are also unlimited challenges, personalized events with own tracks and dynamic weather and multiplayer races to challenge other superbike fans. Customization is also given the hotspot for paint jobs, leather choices, and helmet customs.”Driveclub” Bikes is already out on the PlayStation Store for $19.99. For players who already have a copy of “Driveclub,” it can be purchased as an expansion at a discounted price of $14.99.

"Driveclub" bikes trailer (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)