• Sony will finally hold the official PS5 console reveal on Jun. 4, 2020, according to a tipster
  • Earlier, it was rumored that the much-awaited PS5 console reveal will happen in May 2020
  • Sony already announced that the PS5 will be released in the holiday of 2020

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly planning to hold a full PS5 console reveal event in five weeks’ time. The Japanese gaming giant has not yet confirmed this information, but it got fans really excited. Microsoft has already revealed the Xbox Series X last year at The Game Wards, and its high time Sony should do the same for its next generation gaming console.

The latest information about the official reveal of the PS5 gaming console comes from Nintendo Direct tipster and GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb. In his recent post on ResetEra, Grubb answered a question about when he is expecting Sony would fully reveal its next generation gaming console. Grubb replies that Sony is currently planning to have it on Jun. 4, 2020.

The GamesBeat reporter does not reveal how he knew about this. He does not day any details about the said event. However, according to GamesRadar, Grubb accurately tipped the date of the most recent Nintendo Direct event. It is most likely that the reporter has some solid information about the official PS5 console reveal more than just a guess.

Sony's new PlayStation 5 console make players feel closer to the action of games, the company said

The leaker’s comments come after whispers online of an upcoming Xbox Series X event surfaced. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer earlier said that they would announce a range of Xbox Series X titles for the upcoming next generation gaming console of Microsoft. There were rumors that Sony Interactive Entertainment was also planning to hold a similar event over the Summer.

But, the leaked PS5 full console event happening in Jun. 4, 2020 indicates that fans would not have to wait for too long. Like Microsoft, Sony is expected to announce some of the upcoming titles releasing on the PS5 at the event. In the early part of 2020, rumors claimed that the full console reveal would happen in February, it was later speculated to take place in May, and now Grubb is claiming that it is happening five weeks from now.

While Grubb’s information might appear legit, it is not official. In this case, take this information with a good measure of salt. Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan earlier announced that the PS5 would arrive sometime in the Holiday of 2020.