• Sony officially unveiled the PS5 hardware at the PlayStation digital event
  • Japanese gaming giant has not yet revealed price, pre-order details and specific release date of PS5
  • Multiple PS5 pre-order pages were recently launched by Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia recently launched the pre-order pages of the PS5 including the games, hardware and accessories. Venture Beat’s Jeff Grubb claimed a few days ago that Sony would reveal the pre-order details, price and the specific release date of the PS5 on July 13. But, while Sony has not yet officially announced these details, fans are already thrilled to learn about this from Amazon Australia.

Several sites are now reporting about the multiple PS5 pre-order pages that Amazon Australia launched. These contain a long list of games releasing on Sony’s next-generation gaming console. The pages also list the hardware and accessories of the PS5.

For the PS5 games, Amazon Australia lists “NBA 2K21,” “Miles Morales” and “Demon's Souls.” “Destruction Allstars,” “Sackboy” and “Ratchet & Clank” are also listed on the PS5 pre-order page for games on the online retail site. Other titles listed include “Gran Turismo 7,” “Horizon Forbidden West” and “Returnal.”

PlayStation Now Andrew House
PlayStation 5 might have a Pro version based on the new statement of Sony's Executive Vice President, who hinted this possibility. Getty Images/Ethan Miller

Amazon Australia also lists under PS5 hardware section Console, Digital Edition, Dualsense, DualSense Charging Station, Media Remote, Camera and Pulse 3D Headset. It was Reddit user robo3687 who first spotted the pre-order pages. It appears that Amazon Germany also has these pages up for almost a month now.

Another Reddit user claimed that Amazon Brazil also launched several PS5 pre-order pages. It is worth mentioning that the new listing on Amazon Australia and Amazon Brazil may not mean anything. Interestingly, Amazon India also launched the PS5 pre-order pages, which could suggest that Sony might be opening pre-orders for its upcoming next-generation gaming console.

Last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan announced that PS5 is slated to arrive sometime in the holiday of 2020. At the recent PlayStation digital event, Sony unveiled the PS5 and introduced a couple of versions that would be released to the public. These are the retail model with Blu-ray drive and the PS5 Digital-Only model.

Whispers online claimed that Sony would retail the PS5 between $450 and $550. While the PS5 pre-order pages are up, it is safer to take those with a good measure of salt.