Sony’s PlayStation VR has benefited from strong sales so far and soon, owners will be able to use a delayed peripheral with the virtual reality headset.

Developers Impulse Gear confirmed to RoadToVR at GDC 2017 that VR first-person shooter Farpoint will launch with the PS VR Aim Controller on May 6. In Farpoint, you play as a character stranded on an alien planet and have to fight against enemies in order to escape. Check out a trailer for the game below:

Originally slated to launch around the holidays, Farpoint and the Aim Controller were intended to be a flagship FPS option for the PSVR, but the bundle was delayed. Externally, the VR Aim Controller looks similar to other gun and rifle controller attachments like Nintendo’s Wii Zapper. The rhombus-like hoop features controls along the inside of the unit and sports a similar tracking bulb used on the PlayStation 4’s Move controllers.

Since its launch last fall, the PSVR has seen a strong response from consumers interested in higher-end VR experiences. As the most affordable VR headset on the market — even after Oculus’s $200 price drop — the PSVR has benefited from the PS4’s already sizable install base. The $400 PSVR only needs a PS4 or PS4 Pro in order to run on a home TV.

The PSVR has also seen a regular cycle of updates from Sony and other publishers. Along with major titles with PSVR support like Resident Evil 7, the platform will be receiving additional new titles and releases later this year.