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Will anything be left of Palmyra? JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

When the Islamic State group seized the Syrian city of Palmyra on Wednesday, lovers of antiquities issued a collective gasp. While the primary concern is for the 50,000 residents of the desert city now joining the 50 percent of the country 's territory under ISIS' militant rule, what's left of the city's ancient architecture might be lost forever.

In the past, ISIS has shown a blatant disregard for historical artifacts, purposely destroying most it comes across. These are the UNESCO world heritage sites currently threatened by the jihadi takeover of Palmyra:

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There are ruins of four cemeteries outside the inhabited portion of the city. The tallest funeral towers belonged to the wealthiest families, according to UNESCO. REUTERS

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The city is located in a desert oasis, which means it is a refuge of water and greenery in an otherwise arid landscape. STR/AFP/Getty Images

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Palmyra is nicknamed 'the pearl of the desert'. STR/AFP/Getty Images

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A picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows the external courtyard of the sanctuary of Baal. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

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Palmyra is considered a “crossroads” of art and architecture for it’s combination of Greek, Roman, and Iranian influences says UNESCO. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

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A picture taken on March 14, 2014 shows a partial view of Palmyra's theatre. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

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Palmyra is known for its iconic colonnade. According to UNESCO, the colonnade is 1,100 m (3,608 feet) in length and connects the temple of Baal with the Camp of Diocletian-- a Roman military complex. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images