A man with a rare case of amnesia has been identified by people who know him but he still can't remember who he is.

Investigations have led to identify him as Edward Lighthart, 53. Although few memories have slowly trickled back he is frightened over whether he will be able to reconcile with the person others say he is, the Associated Press reported.

The crux of the matter of who I really am isn't there yet. And I'm not sure that its going to come back. This is one of the frightening things, he told AP.

He appeared in a park in Seattle on July 30 where police assisted him. He had no idea how he got to Seattle and knew he didn't live in the area.

Lighthart's history shows a man who worked as an international business consultant and lived in Paris, Vienna, Sydney, Shanghai and Slovakia, but he doesn't remember, according to the report.

The man is currently struggling to find a new home by the end of this week, AP noted. He was treated for one month at the Swedish Medical center. Later he received counseling at the Harborview Medical Center.