A couple in Draper, Utah, is in hot water after planting razor blades in their donuts and eating them as part of an attempted scam.

X-rays revealed that Michael Condor, 35, and Carole Lee Leazer-Hardman, 39, had each swallowed several razor blades after tampering with the donuts. The couple had planned to use the resulting injuries to sue a local Smith's Food and Drug store in the attempted scam. Condor and Leazer-Hardman each work at a local Dollar Tree store, located in the same complex as Smith’s Food and Drug. The audacious duo even gave one of the donuts to a co-worker, who suffered cuts to her mouth and immediately contacted police.

Michael Condor and Carole Lee Leazer-Hardman filed a police report, claiming that the “fingernail and thumbnail-sized” razor bits had resulted in injury, according to Deseret News. Naturally, they neglected to mention that they had inserted the razors themselves. As the police investigation progressed, Sgt. Chad Chambers determined that “things weren’t adding up.

Although the donuts were not actually made by the Smith’s bakery, the store was forced to remove the products from their shelves to forestall further incidents, KSL-TV reported. Police became suspicious because the donuts arrived at the store in tamper-proof packaging.

"During the course of the investigation, we were able to determine that they intentionally inserted these broken razor blades into doughnuts that they had purchased at Smith's and then swallowed the razor blades with the doughnuts," read a police statement. 

Condor and Leazer-Hardman were charged on suspicion of aggravated assault, filing a false police report and ruining a perfectly good pastry.