The portable maze is able to be constructed in just two hours wherever the designers would like to place it. Nerdworking

Usually in a quest to gain a substantial prize -- especially if some form of precious stone is involved -- movie thieves and spies have been known to successfully maneuver through a room filled with tricky laser lights.

Well, if you've ever had the desire to test your own flexibility under similarly dramatic circumstances, the design collective Nerdworking has created a real-life laser maze perfect for any wannabe secret agent.

Built at the Nerdworking headquarters in Istanbul, "Laser Mesh: A Spy Experience Game" uses an Arduino Uno circuit board to man a network of bright, green lasers. The setup also features security camera and smoke machines -- added so that the lasers would be more easily visible to players.

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The laser network is connected to a circuit managed by Arduino Uno. The lasers are made more visible to players with the help of a smoke machine in the maze. Nerdworking

"We set an automatic security system for 200mW lasers that may scratch the eye retina and may burn the skin. Whenever the player touches the lasers, the system turns off automatically, the lights are on and the alarms get activated," Nerdworking said in a statement on the project's site.

Players have just three minutes to get through the crisscrossing lasers -- more than enough time for a true weekend spy to successfully conquer the maze.