A Florida woman has been charged with cruelty towards a child and neglect because of a picture she took on her cell phone of her five-month old daughter with a plastic bag over her head as a joke, reported NBC Miami.

Courtney Shanvice McBride, 20, was arrested on April 1, a day after she sent the child's father, who was out of town, a picture of their infant via text message. The photograph showed their child in a plastic lined garbage container with a plastic bag completely over the child's face and head, reported CBS Miami.The child's father then told his sister about the disturbing image, and asked her to check on the child. The woman went to McBride's apartment and found that nobody was home. She then reported McBride to the authorities.

After contacting the Florida Department of Children & Families, the police found the baby with McBride in her apartment and in good condition, reported CBS News.The police showed her the picture they had received and McBride began to cry, and said the picture had been sent to the child's father as a joke.

McBride stated that she took the picture quickly. She stated she placed a Publix plastic bag on the infant's head and placed her (the infant) in the kitchen garbage quickly taking the picture with her phone, confirmed an affidavit from authorities, obtained by NBC. It is believed that McBride's intentional actions should reasonably have been expected to cause physical harm to the infant.

This is not the first case in which a young Florida mother joked about putting a platic bag over an infant's head and has been arrested for placing a child in a garbage bag and sending pictures to the child's father. Last August, Brittany Lester, 20, sent disturbing images of a one-month-old child to her 21-year old boyfriend. The pictures were sent via text message and showed the child upside down in a trash can, under two motel mattresses and lying down with a cell phone charger in his mouth, reported the Tampa Bay Times. Another picture showed the infant with a plastic bag over his head. Lester told authorities that the pictures she sent to her boyfriend were meant to be a joke, along with messages that referenced her son's death, claiming that she would squeeze him until he's gasping for air, urinate in a bottle and feed it to him and put him in the dresser and slam it.