A former employee of an upscale Manhattan Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin, filed a law suit on Wednesday that claims her co-workers harassed her with phallic shaped dumplings, some of which would end up on diners' tables. Yvonne Diaz, who worked as a bartender at the restaurant between 2007 and last year, claims that workers at the eatery put the dumplings in their crotch areas making it look like they had big penises, reported the New York Post. The restaurant has reportedly served celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Tyra Banks and Mariah Carey, and has consistently received high Zagat Survey ratings.

Kitchen employees would with no hesitation prepare food to be served to the customers from the very same dumplings that they used to make penises, says the court filing obtained by the Post. Diaz also alleges that her co-workers watched pornographic materials in the kitchen every Sunday, regularly ogled her, while uttering demeaning phrases and also that at least one worker pushed his genitals onto her.

It is still unclear what kinds of damages Diaz's suit will seek in court, or whether other accusations Diaz has made about the restaurant's owner and information about celebrity customers will inspire further investigation. According to The Daily Beast, Diaz also says the restaurant's manager revealed that he led Mariah Carey to a private section of the restaurant while she was high on drugs. The Manhattan federal court filing also reportedly includes details about the owner Jimmy Chin overcharging Sean Diddy Combs.

Chin has called the allegations frivolous, and ridiculous nonsense, reported the Post.