Despite going full frontal in the movie American Pie and its sequel American Reunion, onscreen as Jim Levenstein, Jason Biggs was humiliated when he showed a photo of his penis to his female therapist off screen. The actor says he was trying to show her adorable pictures of his newborn nephew during a therapy session, handed her his phone so she could get a look, when she flipped through and found a shocking picture of his manhood, reported the San Francisco Chronicle. The actor says the snapshot was from the set of American Reunion and was really meant for his wife's eyes only.

I showed her my phone and I'm like, 'Go ahead, just scroll. I'm looking over her shoulder, he described to Conan O'Brien in an interview. She had a minute with my penis and then I went and sat across back on the sofa and I just kind of sat there and kind of looked across at her and she kind of looked at me and we kind of just tried moving on from the subject... and finally she's like, 'So, how do you feel about me seeing your penis about a minute ago?' I said, 'Not so good, to be honest with you.'

Jason Biggs Discusses The Embarassing Incident: