Articles by Guneet Bhatia
Trent Arsenault looks at his supply of specimen cups at his home in Fremont, California

You Might Be Reading The Wrong Name

A new study has suggested that as many as half of the historical specimens preserved in the museums across the world could be wrongly labeled.
Salmonella Outbreak in the U.S. Kills 1 and Sickens 77

FDA Finalizes Its New Food Safety Rules

Taking a step toward prevention of foodborne illness, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has finalized the rules that outline the safety standards to be followed by different parties involved in...

Uterus Implant Offers New Hope

The doctors at the Cleveland Clinic aspire to become the first ones to implant a uterus in a woman who do not have one.

Australia's Full-Circle Rainbow

The 2016 Australian Weather Calender released by the Bureau of Meteorology showcases extraordinary images of the Australian landscape.